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Welcome to the Slack Shack community. The community directly relates to the Slack Shack, a house shared by four strange individuals in Hopewell Junction, NY.

Glasscut: 24 year old admin assistant/office monkey with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, who's trying to find a way into graphic arts. Gamer, comic book collector, amateur movie critic.

NickydaPoof: 24 year old tv news editor with a penchant for filmmaking. Writer, actor, slacker, fish officianado.

Bluenightmare: 23 year old working in manufacturing, when she's not gaming, hanging out, or watching sci fi television. Buffy fan, artist, crafty-type person.

Wylddelirium: 28 year old web person working for the National headquarters for a certain board game, who runs a gaming network in the downtime. Wierdo, conspiracy theorist, discordian.

This community is for those who reside in the slack shack, and those interested in it's activities and events.