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What is ours is ours, but what isn't...

Just so that you know, we've received an 'official' admonishment from our nextdoor neighbors.

That small tree, just next to the ditch next to the driveway, is the deliniation point for the end of the property. That's it. Nothing beyond it. No matter what you thought or had been told.

LaBlue was parked beyond that line, and they called Housemom and complained. When she went out to move her car, she was admonished again.

If you come over and need somewhere to park, your choices are the driveway, the little area between the small tree and the driveway, the front lawn (although our Housemom would prefer we didn't park there) and the lot next door where the BSD kinfolk used to live.

I'm sure this concern comes from the deterioration of the lawn next door, from all of us driving on it daily. That, too, should probably come to a stop before we're charged for replacing the sod.

I don't mean to be the bearer of bad tidings, but those are our choices; it's just the way things are. We may want to discuss with the cottage about parking conditions.
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